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Welcome to the website of MVM EGI Zrt.

Leading technology has over decades been one of the core principles of our company and we have continued to set ourselves the goal to provide sustainable value and business success to our customers, both, internationally and domestically; at the same time, we preserve with our environmental friendly technology global resources and save them for future generations.

The success in a constantly changing world is significantly based on the availability of clean and affordable energy across all countries and industries, which drives economical growths and provides stability. Future generations will face an increasing demand for clean energy due to economical growth in emerging markets, higher level of automation and climate change.

MVM EGI can meet these two conditions: we help to generate the clean energy of the future without using our planet's water resources.

MVM EGI has been the leading representative of the energy sector in both the domestic and international markets for more than half a century with its water-saving cooling systems. Our cooling systems form a reliable foundation for thousands of power plants around the world.

Starting as a Hungarian company, we gained know-how and became a preferred partner in the global energy industry under different international owners. On January 1, 2021, MVM EGI has joined Hungary's largest energy group, the MVM Group.

We are committed, as a valuable member of the Hungarian group of companies, to continue to contribute to meet the energy needs of the future, while saving resources of our planet for next generations.

By exploring our website, you can get information about our product portfolio and product development initiatives, and read about our latest corporate news.

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Mr. Péter Kárpáti