MVM EGI Zrt. Quality, Anti-Corruption, Environment, Health, and Safety Policy

MVM EGI Zrt. plays a significant role in the energy sector both domestically and internationally. We are dedicated to achieving and maintaining the satisfaction of our company's stakeholders and business partners through our high level of service.

We are capable of providing various power plant cooling solutions tailored to our customers' needs, with a special emphasis on water-saving solutions that meet the highest environmental standards. These encompass innovative options such as power plant air cooling systems (ACC and Heller technologies), wet cooling towers that adhere to environmental requirements, and hybrid cooling systems that combine dry air cooling technologies with wet cooling. In addition to new installations, we also supply components and parts that ensure the safe and efficient operation of cooling systems for decades.

In addition to the design, delivery and construction of cooling systems, our portfolio also includes the so-called CircumixTM technology system, which enables the environmentally and water management-friendly treatment and disposal of slag and fly ash from coal power plants..

We prioritize the quality of our operations in our respective domains and operate an effective Integrated Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 37001.

In the areas of Quality, Environment, Health, Safety, and Anti-Corruption, we are dedicated to excellence and commit to the following:

  • Meeting the needs and expectations of our customers.
  • Meeting the requirements and expectations of both customers and clients.
  • Ensuring the well-being, health, and safety of our employees at work.
  • Compliance with all legal requirements, current codes, regulations, and national standards.
  • Establishing a workplace free from accidents, incidents, and occupational diseases.
  • Preventing environmental pollution, reducing energy consumption, waste, and harmful emissions.
  • Taking necessary precautions to prevent serious accidents and effectively manage emergencies and disruptive incidents.
  • Establishing clear job roles, duties, and responsibilities, along with providing updated training to enhance skills.
  • Maintaining suitable technology systems, work tools, and procedures to support our objectives.
  • Continuously monitoring, controlling, and improving our systems, performance, and objectives.
  • Ensuring our organization is free from all forms of corruption, including supplier control.
  • Preventing corruption and encouraging employees to actively contribute to the effectiveness of the anti-corruption management system.
  • Communicating the anti-corruption policy and promoting a commitment to report suspected or actual corruption.
  • Our entire organization is responsible for developing and implementing the objectives and intentions outlined in the above policy, along with feasible programs to achieve them.

This Quality, Anti-Corruption, Environment, Health, and Safety Policy shall be communicated to all partners working for or on behalf of MVM EGI Ltd., and each of them shall actively participate in applying the above policy.

Budapest, June 2022

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