Field-erected mechanical draft wet cooling towers
For any cooling-water flow and heat capacity

Field-erected Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers are truly impressive because of their compact dimensions. They are equipped with induced-draft fans and are the solution of choice for evaporative wet cooling of power plants and industrial applications (for any levels of cooling-water flow and heat capacity).

The use of Mechanical Draft Wet Cooling Towers allows flexible design to satisfy process requirements and environmental conditions. The Mechanical Draft Wet Cooling Tower design furthermore guarantees great flexibility. For example, individual cells can be serviced and, if necessary, drained while the system is in operation.

Our innovative systems enable us to supply capacity as required. Our extensive product know-how provides solutions for practically all requirements. As a manufacturer with our own engineering department, we can address specific client requirements. Overall turn-key costs are low.

Wet cooling tower Tiszaujvaros

Main benefits:

  • Flexible size range.
  • Highly efficient components.
  • Rugged design.
  • Complete project management.
  • Superior product quality in accordance with our stringent standards.
  • Implementation of country specific standards.
  • Great delivery reliability.