Auxiliary cooling for power plants & industrial cooling

We offer a wide variety of seasonal and auxiliary air coolers utilizing the features of the integrated plate fin Forgó-type heat exchanger. Tube and header materials vary according to the cooling medium and the customer’s specifications. The medium to be cooled can either be the circulating water of extended heating systems (seasonal coolers), or any kind of closed cooling medium (water, antifreeze or oil).

Hybrid Coolers (Delugeable air-cooled heat exchangers) are offered where it is impossible or economically not viable to fulfil the cooling task with all-dry cooling, and water is available in limited amount for deluging.

Hybrid Coolers are cost effective compared to an all-dry design and offer flexible operation due to high all-dry operation ambient air temperature limit.

Oil and gas coolers for the oil and gas industry are offered based on Forgó-type heat exchangers.